Guess the Goblin's Body Part

Guess the Goblin's Body Part is a great Halloween game, very suitable to play at Halloween parties. This Halloween game is flexible, easy, simple, fun but yet disgusting which is great for a Halloween game to be played at Halloween parties. This is also one of the most popular Spooky Halloween Games for Teenagers and Halloween Games for Adult Groups.

How to play the Guess the Goblin's Body Part Halloween game?

First, the host/hostess fills small bowls with different objects that, when felt in the dark, feel like disgusting Goblin "body parts".

The lights are shut off during this game, and everyone sits in a circle.

Guess the Goblin's body part

The host/hostess passes one bowl at a time to the guests, and the guests begin feeling inside each bowl, and then passing them around.

After a bowl has gone around the circle once, allow guests to shout out what "Goblin body part" they felt.

What food can I use for the Goblin's Body Parts?

Any food item can be used in this game, and creativity is key. For example, use the following food for the body parts.

  • Fill a bowl with wet overcooked spaghetti for "hair",
  • peeled grapes for "eyeballs",
  • Chiclet brand gum for "teeth",
  • raw chicken for a "heart", etc.

Remind your guests NOT to taste any of the foods, especially if using raw meat.

Rewards make Halloween games more exciting

Reward the guest who shouts out the most correct answers with a prize. Or, to keep it less competitive, give EVERYONE a prize when the game is done.

This Halloween game is a big hit at Halloween parties, because it goes with the scary and disgusting theme (suitable for Halloween). This Halloween game is very easy and simple to do and it can be as short or as long as the host/hostess wants.

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