How to Decorate Front Door for Halloween

Decorating your front door for Halloween is important. While front lawn or front yard Halloween decorations show everyone driving by and all your neighbors from afar that you have the Halloween spirit and love the fun and excitement of celebrating Halloween, your front door decorations will show anyone actually coming to see you how festive you are. Great Halloween decorations for the front door are just as important as great lawn decorations for Halloween.

So, how much should you spend on your front door Halloween decorations? Below are some ideas of how to decorate your front door the cheap and inexpensive ways.

Ideas of how to decorate front door for Halloween

The idea below is very simple and very cheap for Halloween decoration. Everything is handmade. Handmade Halloween decorations are very popular nowadays as more people are creative and more people are looking for ways to do activities with their family.

How to decorate front door for Halloween

The best and cheapest way to decorate your front door for Halloween is to use only the items that you already have around the house.

You can use two brown grocery bags. Open them up and cut out a tree. Then place the tree form on the door with tape. Then cut out bat shapes. Black papers are best for bats.

If you don't have black paper, then you can use white paper and then color the bats black with crayons or markers. 

On the base of the tree, you can cut out pumpkins and tape them on the bottom around the base of the tree.

To decorate the actual tree, make toilet paper ghost (similar to tissue ghosts but using toilet paper instead of tissue paper) and hang them around various branches of the tree, using black marker or black paper for the eyes. That would complete my homemade decorated door for the Halloween season.

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