Halloween Costumes for Three People

Halloween costumes for three people are very popular, even more popular than Halloween costumes for two people or for four or more people. A lot of people think that Halloween costumes for three people are cool because they get to be a group with their best friends and hang out with them even on Halloween night. Below are some ideas of the Halloween costumes for three people. Use the discount coupon code below to get discounts on your Halloween costumes for three people purchase.

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Halloween costumes for three people

The most popular Halloween costumes for three is the Three Musketeers. But, there are plenty of other ideas for Halloween costumes for  3 people such as:

The Flintstone

3 Blind Mice

The 3 Stooges

Three Kings

San Guo (from the Chinese Literature of Three Countries)

The Three Sisters of the "Charmed" cast

Bradey Girls/Boys

Marx Brothers

"Three's Company"

Charlie's Angels

Hewey, Dewey, Louie (Donald Duck's nephews)

Three Amigos


The Fates (Greek Mythology)

The Furies (Greek Mythology)

3 Little Pigs (You can all dress as pigs but carrying different props such as one carries straw, one carries sticks, one carries a brick)

3 Wise Men (Bible stories)

ZZ Top

The Jonas Brothers

Pirates (characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean)

If you want to invent a Halloween costume for three people, you can just pick a theme, and you all dress in similar costumes. In each story, there is likely to be three characters that can be viewed as together. For example, in the Pirates of the Caribbean, you can dress up as the crew on the Black Pearl or the crew on the Davy Jones' Ship.

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